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Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Visa

What is

Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Visa

On the 22nd of July 2020, the Home Office published guidance on the Hong Kong British National (Overseas) visa  advising of the new route.

The Hong Kong BNO visa is a new route created for BNO citizens and their dependants after new national security legislation was enacted in Hong Kong. It will be available from the 31st of January 2021.

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  • Hong Kong BNO citizens and their close family members

Family Members

  • Spouse or civil/unmarried partner
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Children of BN(O) citizens born on or after the 1st of July 1997 (these children can bring spouses and their own children who are under 18 years of age)
  • Other family members where there is exceptional high dependency (parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and children)

Applications must be done at the same time (exceptions exist for children under 18) and whilst eligibility for this visa is broad, your specific circumstances will be important in determining whether a family member will be eligible.



  • You must be a BN(O) citizen although you don’t need a valid BN(O) passport nor do you need to request a new one to apply for this visa.
  • Out of country applications must be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong.
  • Those already in the UK must be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong, the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, or the Isle of Man.
  • Show that you can accommodate yourself (or you and your family) for at least 6 months.*
  • Show that you can financially support yourself (or you and your family) for at least 6 months.*
  • Prove you are free from tuberculosis.*

* Exceptions apply

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Questions And Answers

Yes, this visa is available from the 31st of January 2021.

There are two options. You can either apply for 30 months or 5 years leave to stay in the UK.

You will be able to apply for settlement after living in the UK for 5 years if you meet the requirements.

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