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Pryde Immigration Lawyers

Pryde Immigration Lawyers is a UK based legal firm dedicated to providing a professional, tailored legal service in immigration matters.

Our service is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland.

Immigration law is turbulent and subject to change – we are always up to date and ensure we represent you within today’s legal framework.

We specialise in helping you with the UK Points Based System (PBS). We fully assist with all matters pertaining to work permits, family visas student visas, UK Naturalization, Registration, and Asylum Applications. We help immigrants with investor and entrepreneurial interests.

We represent and advise private individuals, corporate and business bodies, students, educational institutions, and charities. We believe in professionalism and jargon-free advice that is tailored to your circumstances with a free, no obligation initial consultation 

Our Expert Team

A group of experts and language professionals

  • Executives with extensive familiarity in immigration cases.
  • Assistants who have familiar with the technicalities of immigration cases.
  • Linguists who help you in your native language. In the event that we do not have a linguistic in-house that speaks your language, we use a trusted service that offers impartial translation.

Pryde Immigration Lawyers fosters a friendly team who welcome you to the office.

We have a modern IT facility that enables us to submit documents quickly and securely. Pryde Immigration Lawyers is regulated by the Scottish Law Society and Scottish Legal Aid Board.

Our history is testament to our continued success.

We offer a FREE initial consultation, explaining your case clearly and outlining any future costs.

Take a look at our testimonials and contact us for help with your case.

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